Life Coaching

What is Life Coaching?       
Life  Coaching is about helping you get from where you are to where you want to be in life.    

What is  a Life Coach?  
The role of a Life Coach is to help you move forward, set personal and professional goals that will give you           
the life you really want. They ask challenging and thought-provoking questions, to help you unlock and reach
your full potential.
What's  the difference?  
Counselors or Therapists deal with a person's past  and need for healing.
Mentors deal with succession training and getting clients to replicate the mentor.
Consultants solve problems and provide expertise and methodologies.
A Life Coach only deals with the future. Taking you from where you are to where you would like to be.


  • One-on-One and Group Coaching Sessions

  • Guide individuals, business owners and organizations to your true purpose and call in life

  • Tailored workshops tailored specifically for your group

  • Help break through what's been holding you back from reaching your goal

  • Discovering your talents and abilities


These past years have been rough for me due to losing a business, a parent and church home. People say, "When life gives you lemons make lemonade." However, we still need water and sugar to make a tasty glass. I had no idea that meeting Life Coach Raquel Davis would be the glass and my first session was the water. I received such wisdom and understanding. Knowing what tools I carry was the sugar. Her guidance and wisdom refreshed my mind, spirit and heart. I feel that so many weights have been lifted and now I have room for new vision and dreams. I didn't realize just how thirsty I was. Thank you Raquel for coming along to coach me.
K. Starke

Being in church all my life but recently feeling lost, not wanting to share my feelings or ask for help in fear of being judged, I was at a dead end. Life Coach Raquel came to my mind, so I let my guard down and gave her a call. After a few coaching sessions and tools given, I am now able to head in a new direction!
D. Arnold

It was no coincidence that I was able to connect with an old childhood friend that I hadn’t spoken to in many years. At that time I felt pulled this way and that way, because I was unsure where I wanted to go in my career.  I wasn’t sure what my purpose for being here was and what I was supposed to be doing in ministry. I had some ideas and thoughts, but felt I really needed that extra confirmation. To my surprise, Life Coach Raquel Davis was what I needed at the right time. She explained to me what life coaching was and how it could help me get out of feelingI felt stuck and press on to where I needed to be. In just a few weeks, I’ve gained so much understanding and knowledge in how to use my gifts that were pointed out in my toolbox. This helped me to move forward in my vocation.  I now know and am using my gifts to continue to help people move into their vocation and to also help women know their identity. I am so thankful how God has used Raquel Davis to reach out to me not knowing what I really needed at that time. Life Coaching has given me a foundation and a peace knowing I am fulfilling my purpose.
G. Cornick

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